• All About My 2018 Planner!

    Hey Y'all! Ok, let's address the elephant in the room. Omg, I DID get a new haircut, thanks for noticing! JK, I know I haven't posted in literally forever, but we are BACK at it again for a ... Read More

    All About My 2018 Planner!
  • NYC In Photos: April 2017

    Hey Everyone, So this past month my family and I visited some of our friends in New York, and I took some snapshots for the blog. Consider this more of a photo gallery rather than a traditional ... Read More

    NYC In Photos: April 2017
  • OOTW: Midterm Week!

    Hey Everyone, [Disclaimer: This was a post I was supposed to post about a month ago. (Whoops? ? ) I'm sharing it with you now, so that you can still enjoy it! ? ] For the past week, I've been ... Read More

    OOTW: Midterm Week!
  • Hello Spring!

    Hey Guys! OMG. Where have I been? February and March have been months full of exams, forms, and new activities, so I was forced to take a little break off the blog. But, luckily I returned just ... Read More

    Hello Spring!
  • DIY Valentine’s Day Decor!

    Hey Guys, So I know it's a bit early, but I have already finished decorating my room for Valentine's Day! ...seven days ago. Yes, it's only mid-January. Yes, the actual holiday isn't for ... Read More

    DIY Valentine’s Day Decor!